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We are developing unique technological breakthroughs that address your business special needs.  Through the years we have developed sophisticated solutions and never shy away from a good technological challenge.

The following are just some of solutions that we are showcasing here.  To discuss possible technological solution for your business contact us free of charge and any commitments.

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Products and Services
  • SpeakSoft
    SpeakSoft is a software component that can be implemented extremely easily into other applications to allow them to become speech enable. It involves almost no programming, only requires to write two lines of code. All the supported controls in the your applications will become speech enable automatically.
  • WinInsider
    Recognized by, WinInsider is IT News website dedicated to latest news and information about Windows (XP Longhorn), .NET, Microsoft, Intel, DELL, Compaq, etc... with 5-to-15 news postings from variety of respected and trusted news sources. Cool forum; great site design, PDA access; NetAgent that notifies you about news postings, so you do not have to search and check for IT News; and a lot more
    • NewsService
      Featured WebService provided by WinInsider, using which you can tap into the rich functionality of NetAgent to work for your site and add other rich services such as search and notifications to enhance your site.
  • NetAgent
    With NetAgent there is no more need to keep checking whether any new news has been posted. Instead NetAgent will do all that less desirable work for you.
  • NoPopups
    Do you hate those annoying popup windows? But do not want to manually enter what title or URL you want to block? NoPopups will do just that.
  • Custom .NET User Controls


  • Compression Library
  • WebBot Crawler
  • C# to JavaScript compiler


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