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NetAgent 2.6

NetAgent 2.6 is here!


NetAgent 2.6 can be used both by members and non-members, as it does not require registration to function. Although members have access to more features.

NetAgent 2.6 Features

  • NEW New redesign tabular, collapsible, and slidable user interface
  • NEW Ability to browse one of the largest RSS feed syndication directory
  • NEW Improved word look up and spell-check
  • NEW Enhanced Popup killer for Internet Explorer. Allows you to select popups that you don't want to see, or exterminates all popup windows.
  • NEW Minimizes memory use when idle
  • NEW Other code improvements
  • Tasks, events and reminders scheduling and alerts
  • Powered by .NET WebServices
  • Uses less memory than NetAgent 2.5
  • POP3 Email Alerts
  • News Alerts from participating 3rd party IT news sites
  • Takes advantage of WinXP themes
  • Auto Update - Automatically updates itself - no need to go to download page
  • Better error handling
  • Allows you to select from 30+ news topics which you are interested in, so you will not be disturbed when unimportant news are posted.
  • Set how often do you want to check for news updates
  • If you come across interesting news, allows you to submit it with minimum effort
  • Tested to work with WinXP and Win2K

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NetAgent History

  • NetAgent 1.02
  • NetAgent 1.03
  • NetAgent 2.01
  • NetAgent 2.5 Release: August 21 2002
  • NetAgent 2.6 Release: June 8 2003

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